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Vehicle is one of the most important investments, you make in your life. From the day of its manufacture to the day of its purchase and thereafter, it exhibits various surface roughness and imperfections that ruin the gloss and finish of the paint. To prevent its value from depreciating, it needs advanced protection as the primer itself does not have the same level of resistance to scratches or chipping that can prevent it from being ruined. And once inflicted, these blemishes are very stubborn to remove no matter how much you wash the surface. This is why a durable Paint Protective Coatings is necessary for every vehicle. Choosing the best product to provide effective and long-lasting protection could be a difficult task as it requires extensive knowledge and research to select the best protective coating for cars.

Then, Shinex Car Spa developed its own line of high-end Paint Protective Coatings. They are hydrophobic, scratch resistant, anti-mud, and chemical resistant They are chemical free They can be applied to painted surfaces, chrome surfaces, wheels, tires, etc. eliminates the risk of cracking, bubbles, rusting and peeling paint.


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Graphene Coating is latest clear, Nano-crystalline carbon based coating that protects the vehicles from heat, weather, chemicals and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants. It is truly a wonder material which takes automotive paint protection to a whole new level. Graphene claims to reduce heat on the surface of body paint, so that water spotting is much less likely when compared to ceramic coating. Presence of Graphene creates an incredibly strong and flexible coating that provides best class protection to the vehicle’s surface. Graphene has the advantage of being the strongest material in the earth. Its super smooth properties make it extremely hydrophobic and anti scaling, meaning the vehicle will easily repel water and dry dirt. Durability measures in years, not months.


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Ceramic Coating is Nano-crystalline Silica (SiO2) based Ceramic Coating, which is basically an additional layer to produce glass-hard surface coating over the paint. It uses nanotechnology to form a second layer which isn’t visible through naked eyes. The particles are so small in size that occupies the spaces between the paint molecules. Its durability and high protection capability overwhelmingly exceed the traditional coating such as wax, polymers and paint sealants. There is no exaggeration to say that it is leading a new era of car coating.


7H Ceramic Coating is a clear, non crystalline silica base coating delivered in a solvent formula. It applies a hardness of 7H; durable coating that is 1-2 micron thick and gives off a deep, reflective shine. The formulation is meant to provide maximum slickness in the easiest way possible. 7H Ceramic Coating forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down. It can only be removed by abrasion. It is a highly durable protective coating with the properties of 7H hardness, High gloss and color renew, UV and corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance that protects your vehicle paintwork or any other surface from damaging contaminants.


Nano Ceramic Coating is the process of applying a surface layer that repels dry particles, water, oil and dirt. Its durability and high protection capability overwhelmingly exceed the traditional polishing products such as wax, polymers and paint-sealants. Ease of maintenance and easy to clean (no need to polish and wax) lock in the color with UV protection properties & shine of new cars as well as newly-painted cars. A well maintained & presented car will hold its resale value better. For instance, a Nano Ceramic Coating can make a surface excellent high gloss effect with Mirror finish unrivalled gloss & clarity.


While most new-age cars come with a high gloss paint finish, applying a coat of Teflon by us will even increase the life of the paint, provided the application is repeated every few months. Teflon Coating is good to have paint protection for your Car. Teflon doesn’t bond with paint at the molecular level but instead acts as a protective layer over the paint. Once applied, this coating reduces circular swirl marks and adds a glossy shine to the paint surface of the Car. Teflon can stay onto the surface up to a period of 2-6 months. We advise not to wash the Car with hard soap or PH heavy detergent, which can wear off the coating.


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There are several ways to clean and protect wheels. Some methods are more labor intensive than others, mainly due to excess brake dust and road grime caked on the wheel surface. Ceramic Coating is proven to help protect your wheels and make them keep their good looks longer. It protects wheels from dirt and debris encountered when off-roading. Ceramic Coating will create a hydrophobic effect protecting them from water spots. It has self-cleaning properties which will help brake dust slide right off your brand-new wheel and makes them scratch resistant and oxidation and corrosion resistant.


The Windshield Coating makes the car windshield water bead up and improves the wiper blades ability to remove the water. The coating also makes it easier to wipe off ice and bugs. When you’ve got a Windshield Ceramic Coating done by us, dried contaminants will simply rest on top of the coating rather than encrusting onto the surface and makes it so much easier to keep your Windshield clear of gunk, for both visibility and aesthetics’ sake. The advantage comes down to three things: Better visibility in adverse conditions, easier cleaning, and most importantly for detailing obsessive, impeccable clarity.


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Plastic Coating, featured with a hydrophobic effect, gives your car’s plastic and rubber surfaces new-like ramification and protection. The Coating is responsible for providing additional protection to the plastic and rubber surfaces to prevent degradation caused by external agents. Environmental elements can damage any vehicle, affecting dash trim, and other plastic parts. Coating uses water based Nano Coating instead of silicone to bring back life to faded plastics. Coating prevents future UV degradation, repel dirt, dust, and remove grease stains, which is the primary cause of color loss and fading.


Leather Coating applied by us is the best way to keep your Car’s Interior Leather surfaces protected from daily use. Rated at 6 Months protection, you will not have to worry about interior leather, as coating wear due to damage and friction from use. Leather Coating creates a Barrier to protect from UV Rays, Dirt, Stains, Scuffs and minor scratching. The super hydrophobic effect will give make liquid spills bead right off.


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Fabric Coating protectors aim to leave an invisible coating on the material that beads away liquids, rather than letting them soak into the seat, trim or carpet. Interior Fabric is almost invariably Tri-Laminate Polyester, which is used on 90% of all car seats. Interior Fabric is produced by covering a Polyester scrim with a Plastisol layer, sometimes using some sort of adhesive to make the bond stronger. Once the layer of Fabric Coating is applied by us, the Fabric becomes waterproof and has a very high resistance to dirt, chemicals, UV light and general abrasion.


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Engine Coating assures that a clean engine runs a little cooler because removal of the dirt, oil and grease allows engines to run cooler. Engine coating is applied by us on the exterior of the engine block to clean & degrease the engine compartment. The appearance of the car is just as important as its internal functioning. But there is no point going overboard with this. The piston tops take quite a beating during the combustion process, so the addition of a coating that will help to resist effects of detonation, prevent corrosion and minimize thermal shock will increase their durability and reliability.


Anti Fog Coating applied by us is a unique formula that prevents hazes and streaks from fogging up your windows, protecting them with a noticeable clean that prevents fog from within. It can be used for Outdoor windshield. Anti Fog or Anti Fogging agents and treatment are chemicals that prevent Fogging on the surface on which they are applied by inhibiting the condensation of water on the surface.